Gumboot Season 2018 in the Yarra Valley
Thanks so much for visiting us here at Gumboot Season. We LOVE gumboots and in winter they are the actual bomb! Food and wine are rated pretty high by us too. Therefore, celebrating all the things that taste good whilst wearing gumboots seemed a no-brainer. 

We'd love you to join us in yours - or we have quite a few pairs out there that we can lend you. Take your photo in them, play games, win stuff - it's pure winter magic.

Sign up here and we'll keep you in touch with any new competitions, special deals and great winter news. It's all about the 
reBoot and not letting winter send us underground - or underblanket - whatever the case may be. 

See you soon! 

The Gumboot People of the Yarra Valley
Gumboot Season runs July - August 2018

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